Is your accounting and information reporting system outdated? Are you finding that more and more reports are produced in Excel rather than from your accounting system? Are your reports available in real time and in a format that emphasizes the information you need?

During the past decade accounting software systems have consolidated and streamlined, having increased flexibility, speed and connectivity. Many systems are now “cloud based” SaaS (Software as a Service) systems which are inexpensive and minimize in-house IT costs. It may well be that when the IT costs of maintaining your current system are added to personnel costs incurred to produce manual Excel reports week after week or month after month, that the costs of changing systems will pay for itself in very short period of time.

Information is critical to the success of every business. Are budgets being achieved? If not, why? Are resources adequate to  execute the plan? In today’s real time, fast moving business world, these questions cannot wait for quarterly or even monthly financial statements to be published. Using readily available and inexpensive cloud based technologies combined with properly designed in-house systems as well as reports that focus on Key Performance Metrics (KPI’s) can be maintained daily or weekly by administrative personnel and made available for viewing from any web enabled device.

As your CFO On-Demand, we stay up to date on innovations in technology and how to apply that technology to your business. Whether you are a small business using QuickBooks or a mature business using mainframe technology, our goal is for you to yield the most from your investment in technology in terms of both the cost to acquire, maintain and operate your technology as well as the benefits you derive from improved business intelligence technology.