To launch a new business, a new channel of business, or even a new product, without a business plan and financial model that provides a forecast of the resources needed would be like setting sail on an ocean voyage without a compass, map, radar or radio.

A good business plan should include far more than just a spreadsheet. That’s where CFO On-Demand can help – while you spend YOUR time doing what YOU do best.

Research and analysis should be undertaken to identify;

  • Market potential,

  • Competitive landscape,

  • Regulatory issues,

  • Personnel requirements,

  • Capital expenses, such as new equipment or machinery,

  • Inventory needed.

This analysis is essential in order to determine cash resources required to meet objectives, profitability and return on investment. If done properly, the business plan becomes a dynamic tool that can be easily modified and updated as new information becomes available. This same tool becomes the foundation of securing debt and/or equity financing that may be needed to execute the plan.

We have 20 plus years of experience preparing business plans. As your CFO On-Demand, this process can be accomplished efficiently and at reasonable costs, often utilizing templates we developed previously for similar business models.