Almost every company will need capital at some point. Determining the best approach to obtain the needed capital requires a complex analysis of both the company’s financial position, ability to attract interest from investors and ownership’s appetite for risk.

Decisions regarding debt versus equity, pricing, structure, term, security and more all have significant impact on the company, its business plan and its valuation.

In addition, there are new opportunities to raise capital from Crowdfunding sources such as, and which are gaining momentum every day. We believe these new outlets will continue to grow and become more meaningful in the overall capital acquisition market and therefore stay abreast of the latest trends and regulations impacting this new funding source.

As your CFO On-Demand, we bring to you over $150 million in equity and debt financing transaction experience. We will assist you in determining the right answers to these complex questions and can recommend partners in all categories of lenders and investors who would be suited to the transaction being considered.