So you want to go public.

Going public, or even soliciting for private investor capital, entails navigating significant federal and state regulations. Many companies facing this challenge do not have the resources, both in terms of expertise and hours, to research, draft and coordinate  preparation of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings or private placement memorandums. In addition to GAAP financials, research and analysis must be undertaken to identify market risks, competitive landscape, regulatory issues, etc., all of which must be disclosed to current or potential investors. In most commercial transactions, the rule is that the “buyer should beware." Under the federal and state securities law, the rule is that "the seller should beware." If an investor might reasonably consider a matter to be material, the matter must be disclosed to the investor in such a way that disclosure can be proven. It also means that the information must be free from false or misleading statements.

As your CFO On-Demand, we can work with your management and finance teams, as well as coordinate with your legal and investment banking professionals to prepare the required financials, disclosures, valuations and narratives needed to successfully complete these documents with minimal disruption to your existing business and personnel.